Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Charles Crocker on Britannica

Charles Crocker In Memoriam

The following links open to the memorial of Charles Crocker after his death:

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Charles Crocker picture

Charles Crocker the railway pioneer.

Charles Crocker got/gets bad press for his "spite fence". I have an interest in him and want to put the record straight on the "spite fence" with the following information:

QUOTE "According to the newspaper, Crocker offered Yung $6,000 for the piece of land. Yung agreed in principle, but when the courier arrived with the check, Yung upped the price to $9,000. Crocker was upset, but agreed and sent another check. Yung then upped the price to $12,000, and further added, “If he doesn’t accept, tell him I’ll start building coffins in my back yard so he sees them from his bedroom window!” Well, this was much too much for Crocker and he lost all interest in buying the property. Instead, he came upon the idea of fencing it in as tightly as possible. Crocker is quoted as saying, “I’ll seal him in as if he was in one of his own coffins!”
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